Plug and play using our full compliance stack


We think about everything so you don’t have to.


Industry standard know your customer compliance ensures only eligible players compete and meets all AML/BSA regulations

Payment processing

Our platform offers easy and convenient payment processing, allowing users to make deposits and withdraws without hassle

Legal analysis and approval

Our goal at Triumph is to bring a high-quality integration of competitive esports into players’ games. In short, we shoulder the burdens and responsibility of legal compliance so you don’t have to

Anti-fraud tools

Triumph’s multi-pronged strategies for fighting payment fraud - from layered payment authorization, to tracking, to KYC integration – reduce chargebacks to an immaterial level. And we handle all of the distracting and expensive chargebacks, so you don’t have to

Full analytics and accounting

Our developer accessible dashboard provides real-time and historical graphs of game data. Developers can view each in-game transaction as they happen and always have access to each game’s financial information in audit-ready form

Skill matchmaking

Our platform uses advanced algorithms to match users with others who have similar skills, helping you find the right opponents for games


We manage and are responsible for all players’ private information. We limit developer risks through secure storage and access protocols while meeting all applicable national, state, and local privacy compliance obligations

Your game
skill luck roulette tic tak toe racing smash bros acceptable games

The skill test

Skill is a nebulous concept that is hard to rigorously pin down. Because gaming law is adopted at the state level, there are various legal interpretations of skill gaming. We’ve created a data-driven, game agnostic, assessment that reduces a game to a skill factor and a luck factor. From gameplay results alone, we can determine a game’s eligibility for Triumph.

We employ industry standard identity verification methods and geolocation to ensure all players’ are above the age of 18 and are in a state where skill gaming is permissible.

All Triumph offerings have been rigorously vetted by experienced legal counsel -- rest assured that there is zero legal risk to working with us.

Your game is skill based if

Players improve over time

Players’ should improve with consistent practice. Practice makes perfect

Limited Randomness

We can control for randomness via seeding random number generators to output the same random elements per round

Wide Range of Scores

Your top players should consistently beat the median player. Higher score variability also makes your game more fun

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Triumph's Data Driven Solution to Skill Gaming Compliance
Jared Geller
January 01, 2023

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