A few lines
of code

All of this in just a few lines of code

Plug & play

Our SDK handles tournament hosting, matchmaking, payment, arbitration, and compliance with no additional configuration.

We handle:


Industry standard knowing your customer ensures only eligible players compete.

Fraud Detection

Only valid card transactions are processed. No need to worry about chargebacks.

Anti Cheating

We've developed in-house algorithms so nobody has an unfair advantage.


Easy deposit via Apple Pay. We've done the heavy lifting so you don't have to.


Players can link to a bank account or push to a debit card without ever touching your server.


Statistical skill-based matchmaking guarantees all players  have a fair shot at victory.


When you plug into the Triumph ecosystem, our entire user base is at your fingers.

Legal Analysis

Compliance provided by best in class legal counsel. Read more below.

How is this legal?

Our goal at Triumph is to bring a high quality integration of competitive esports into players’ games. In short, we shoulder the burdens of compliance so you don’t have to. The long answer is that skill based gaming does not constitute gambling.

Key points

Skill test

Skill based

The Skill test

Skill is a nebulous concept that is hard to rigorously pin down. Because gaming law is adopted at the state level, there are various legal interpretations of skill gaming. We’ve created a data-driven, game agnostic, assessment that reduces a game to a skill factor and a luck factor. From gameplay results alone, we can determine a game’s eligibility for Triumph.

We employ industry standard identity verification methods and geolocation to ensure all players’ are above the age of 18 and are in a state where skill gaming is permissible.

All Triumph offerings have been rigorously vetted by experienced legal counsel -- rest assured that there is zero legal risk to working with us.

Your game is a good fit if:

Players Improve Over Time

Players’ should improve with consistent practice. Practice makes perfect.

Limited Randomness

Your game should not have many elements of randomness. We can control for some randomness via seeding random number generators to output the same random elements per round.

Wide Range
of Scores

Your top players should consistently beat the median player. Higher score variability also makes your game more fun! 

Integrate Triumph into your game for free - we only make money when you do