Plug and play using our full compliance stack


We think about everything so you don’t have to.


Triumph checks players' eligibility to compete and follows regulations.

Payment processing

Easy and convenient payment options.

Legal analysis and approval

Triumph handles all legal compliance for players.

Anti-fraud tools

Fraud prevention tools in place.

Full analytics and accounting

Real-time game data and financial information available.

Skill matchmaking

Players are matched with others based on skill level.


Private information is managed and stored securely.

Your game
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The skill test

Determining skill level in gaming can be tricky. Laws about skill gaming vary from state to state. But don't worry! We've found a way to evaluate a game's skill and luck using data. This helps us see if a game is a good fit for our platform.

We use standard identity checks and location technology to make sure all players are over 18 and playing in a state where skill gaming is allowed.

We've got you covered! All of our offerings have been checked by legal experts. That means you can play on Triumph without worrying about any legal risks.

Your game is skill based if

Players improve over time

Players’ should improve with consistent practice. Practice makes perfect

Limited Randomness

We can control for randomness via seeding random number generators to output the same random elements per round

Wide Range of Scores

Your top players should consistently beat the median player. Higher score variability also makes your game more fun

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Triumph's Data Driven Solution to Skill Gaming Compliance
Jared Geller
January 01, 2023

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